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- About The Brand -

Candor All Natural's foundation was built on providing a healthier solution to personal care and beauty commercial products and its chemical uses.  In a world full of the unknowns, what would be more refreshing is actually knowing the products that we use most on a daily basis are not only safe for your skin, but internally as well. That's the essence of this company, and a huge reason why the owner, named the company Candor All Natural.  There is truth and transparency with every ingredient used and every product made.

About The Owner


Candor All Natural was created and formed by LaQuansia Bennett, who was inspired by the many falsities and lack of awareness for chemical use in personal care and beauty products.  Her journey began with making simple household cleaning products that drastically changed the way she lived her life.  Becoming more invested in her health as well as others, she began to study how the effects of these toxic over the counter products were harmful, especially to women and wanted to make a change. At that moment, Candor All Natural was created, with a mission of transparency and using the best quality products the enhances and protect your health inside and out.

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