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- Our Story -

At Candor All Natural, we understand the importance of taking care of our skin, which is why we use all natural ingredients in our skincare products. Our company was started when our founder purchased a home and was looking for ways to conserve money and began making her own cleaning supplies which eventually led to making her own skincare products. After doing research, she found out that there are harmful chemicals found in over-the-counter products that can have compounding effects on our skin and overall health. She decided to focus her efforts on creating skincare products that are non-toxic and eco-friendly, and that was where the birth of Candor All Natural began.

- Our Mission -

"Creating quality natural and organic skincare products and candles to enhance and protect your overall health and well-being"

At Candor All Natural, our goal is to bring you the best skincare products that are made from natural ingredients, without any of the harsh chemicals found in most other products. Our products are designed to nourish your skin and make you look and feel your best.We are passionate about developing natural skincare solutions that work. We believe that you should not have to sacrifice your health for beautiful skin. That’s why we strive to provide natural, effective and safe skincare options.


- About The Owner -

LaQuansia is a financial operations manager turned formula designer, passionate about providing an all natural alternative to every day, over-the-counter use of skincare products. As the Founder and Formula Designer for Candor All Natural, she produces chemical free products responsible for hydration and skin rejuvenation, all while using natural and organic ingredients.  Her products also create a spa experience in your own home with therapeutic aromatics and aesthetic candles. While having a bachelor’s degree in Finance from Ball State University, LaQuansia is currently enrolled at the Formula Botanica School, in the International Organic Skincare Entrepreneurship Program to become an organic skincare expert. While LaQuansia isn’t busy creating and producing products, she loves to spend time with her son and family, doing crafts and adventurous activities.

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